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If you’re interested in innovation, process optimization, and potential cost savings, you’re in the right place! Below is an excerpt from our current portfolio. Is there something suitable for your upcoming 2024 planning? Feel free to contact us directly.

**Innovative Filling Solution for PUR Hotmelt (2kg/18kg), Reactive Hot Melts, or Food Hot Filling**

With a new sealing technology, we set new standards in PUR Hotmelt filling, for example, approximately 1,000kg per hour/500 hobbocks. Our technology efficiently fills and packages high-quality 2kg or 18kg hobbocks cylindrically in aluminum bags, accompanied by significant cost savings in materials and personnel. The new technology also allows filling other reactive adhesives with high requirements, such as reactions to moisture, low-viscosity adhesives, etc., in different forms.

**Hot Melt in Small Packages from approximately 25g in Meltable Film**

Diversity is our focus. 70g units in the well-known meltable film already complement our product portfolio. Only the filling tube needs to be exchanged in the existing plant type to produce all bag sizes precisely and fully automated from 70g to 1,200g at the push of a button. If you desire higher production performance for small packages of 25g, e.g., 1,000kg/h, let us know your requirements, and we will tailor our solution to you. Be a pioneer in production technology for classic PSA hotmelt production. Our goal is to offer you personalized solutions that meet your needs.

**New 2-Component Ratio 97:3 SMP Adhesives**

Innovation is our strength! Our response to filling new 2K recipes of solvent-free adhesives, such as SMP, is our new 2-component ratio of 97:3. Fully automated in airtight packaging in aluminum composite, it represents a cost-effective advancement in adhesive technology. We reliably accompany you through market changes, setting new standards together with high-quality products.

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**Conceptualization and Technological Implementation of New Product Ideas Together**

Together, we create the future! We assist you in conceptualizing and technologically implementing new product ideas. Our experts work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your requirements. Upon request, we are happy to provide anonymized project examples that give you a precise insight into how we bring ideas to life together. We are open to new challenges and look forward to developing innovative products with you. Reach out to us and let’s shape the future together!

**Market Changes – We Shape Them with You**

Markets are constantly changing, and we are ready to actively shape these changes. Whether it’s new EU regulations to be implemented as part of new recipes, the expiration of a competitor’s patent, and you want to realize your ideas with optimized technology, inbound production relocation – exiting a partnership with a contract manufacturer, starting a new product with a contract manufacturer adopting the new technology, etc. Together with you, we set trends and develop personalized solutions so that you shape the market with your visions.

Start actively shaping your and your business’s future now! We look forward to working with you and developing solutions.

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