Fully automated, modular cooling system for hotmelt packaging machines according to your requirements

The Vermee-cooling system has been “state-of-the-art” for decades: full process control with cost reduced and automated production. This is both for mass production between 600kg/h – 2.500kg/h, initial production with precise products (after manual processing with silicone paper) and for special equipment for product development (e.g. in development laboratories) with max. 50kg/h possible.

The automated cooling system transports, after filling by a vertical pouch filler / a hotmelt packaging machine, hot product pouches in a controlled water flow within approx. 40 minutes (depending on the filling temperature) to the discharge, where they can be cooled packed (without space-consuming cooling spaces). This unique technology adapts in many ways to individual production conditions:


Process efficiency

the continuous water flow moves hot pouches, (from approx. 70°C to 145°C) through the cooling system in a controlled manner, creating uniform cooling across all products. Special product properties of e.g. hot melt or bitumen are taken into account. For example, product masses with a density >1 are transported onwards in a targeted manner via an underwater belt.

Process control

the integrated program control allows to control the water flow. All product bags are handled via barrier functions, 360° cooling and continuous product transport - without the intervention of human hands. Automatic water level control and water treatment reduce water and energy consumption and thus increase the sustainability of the entire system.

Production flexibility

both low-viscosity and high-viscosity products are processed and uniformly cooled by means of the meltable barrier film, which are used by vertical pouch fillers / hotmelt packaging machines. Also any product sizes can be transported continuously without modification of the system (between 200g - 1.200g).

Space optimization

whether straight out, L-shape, U-shape, S-shape or double-decker. We adapt our system to your available space. Our systems can be installed in existing and new production facilities. By using platforms we can even make use of high ceiling heights.

Modular growth

our automated cooling system grows with your production capacity, without the need to adjust the filling. The cooling capacity respectively the length of the cooling system depends on the production quantity (output). An entry-level model of e.g. 600kg/h can be extended by some cooling elements to e.g. 1.200kg/h to increase capacity. The maximum production capacity is approx. 2.500kg/h (depending on the pouch size and product characteristics) .

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Fully integrated complete solution – from cooling to the end product ready for shipment

Thinking holistically, we offer fully integrated complete solutions. The Vermee solution portfolio includes automatic water treatment for the cooling water as well as further processing of the cooled end products. After cooling, the products can be separated or blown off and prepared directly for shipment for a simplified supply chain to your end customers. On request, we also integrate a pick-and-place system with a connected carton erector, precise packaging solution and palletizing. In addition to low unit costs, this maximizes the savings potential of personnel costs and increases process control for trouble-free operations.

Which degree of automation or solution approach is of interest to you? We would be pleased to present the different possibilities to you personally!

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