Vermee system integration offers automated end-to-end solutions to bring the interfaces of different parts of the system together and control them via an operator panel (touch screen). This not only creates a high degree of product and process control, but also enables a reduction in personnel costs. The high degree of automation usually requires only 1 operator to control the production process – e.g. automated hot melt production up to 2,500kg/h, clip solution for small sausages with tear tab up to 2 tons production quantity, etc. – that means from the product feeding to the final end product. On request, additional trades and interfaces such as filling, pumps, filters, feeding, pick & place, cartoning, etc. can be integrated and visualized via PLC programming.

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Integrative approach

Our integrative approach, in which your end product is at the center, includes the following competencies:

Solution competence

to define the requirement profile of the individualized packaging technology


Development and implementation of new product ideas with in-house design department for individualized solutions and pilot systems with CAD presentations (3-D models)

Definition of interfaces

in functional and electrical way to achieve the optimum degree of automation via PLC programming

Project management

with strong project implementation competence, which we do proactively and reliably

Assembly (set-up)

The delivered machines and systems are assembled and wired by our technicians professionally and according to the respective legal regulations

Commissioning / Integration

to operate the systems under production conditions and hand them over ready for operation. The upstream and/or downstream components (e.g. product pump, filter, etc.) are integrated into the PLC control and, if desired, additional programming is carried out


The operating and maintenance personnel is thoroughly trained in handling the system and becomes familiar with the operating instructions. Of course, the training also covers all security-related topics

Customer service

which takes place via qualified technicians even in case of short-term requests for e.g. product changes or adjustments.
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, we already offer – in addition to the possibility of remote maintenance – customer service and technical advice via video conference

General contracting

with planning, delivery and commissioning of complete production lines as well as the coordination of individual trades, including of course PLC programming for interface integration and unified visualization software

General overhaul / Second-life

Machines supplied by Vermee are already designed for a long lifetime. On request, we can upgrade your machine to the latest technical standard and ensure reliable operation within your production

System additions and refinements

Do you want to give your product the finishing touch with a special packaging? We offer you a variety of configurations that underline and visually enhance the quality of your product!

  • Water treatment system for secondary circuits of cooling water
  • Product conveying units and measuring controls for accurate dosing
  • Film registration and labeling
  • Solutions for thermal treatment

You want an automated production line without unnecessary interfaces? We will gladly integrate your packaging solution
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