Packaging of pet food

With Chub packaging machines from Vermee

The packaging of pet food poses a particular challenge in order to guarantee the quality and shelf life of the products. Our Chub packaging machine offers an efficient and cost-effective solution.

The Chub enables the production of cost-effective packaging for pet food products, using either a film with high barrier and good shrink properties or a heat-sealable aluminum composite film.

In most cases, a vacuum filler is used upstream of the Chub machine, which pumps the product continuously to the Chub machine. Only straight filling is required here, as the dosing is done by volume on the Chub machine. The pre-portioning step can be omitted at this point.

To ensure optimum shelf life, the products can be thermally treated in an autoclave. This allows core temperatures of up to 125°C to be achieved. After sterilization and the cooling process, the product must be cleaned and re-shrunk at the same time. This is usually carried out with hot water at approx. 96°C. A product treated in this way has a shelf life of around 6 months. If required, hot filling can also be carried out, in which the product has a temperature of approx. 85°C.

Furthermore, the Chub machine offers additional options such as the use of a dater or registration as well as the application of a tear strip. These functions can be easily integrated to meet individual requirements.

Pet food packaging with Chub equipment / clipping machines offers an efficient and versatile solution to produce high quality and durable products. With the possibility of customization and various packaging options, Chub technology is a popular choice in the pet food industry.

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