Vermee packaging technology

Two-component systems for packaging and filling lines

Two-component systems have become an integral part of the packaging and filling industry. They offer a reliable and effective solution for the precise dosing of liquids and pasty masses such as epoxy resin adhesives, polyurethane sealants, silicone sealants, filling and filling compounds, potting compounds and coating systems and enable fast and automatic filling of complex products. The mixing ratios can be individually adjusted according to requirements and application.

Efficient production

Reliable availability and high quality from Vermee

Unlike many other suppliers, Frans Vermee GmbH can guarantee high quality and reliable availability of two-component systems for the packaging and filling industry.

Optimum portioning

Precise dosing for optimum filling quantity and quality

An important factor when using two-component systems is the filling quantity and quality of the packaging. Precise dosing of the two components can result in a tightly or loosely filled product, depending on requirements and product properties. Precise dosing is particularly important when filling takes place in a continuous process in order to ensure uniform filling.

Whether coating compounds or hot melt

Tube-in-tube / sleeve-in-sleeve filling of pasty masses

Tube-in-tube or sleeve-in-sleeve filling is a frequently used method for filling pasty compounds in two-component systems. An inner tube is inserted into an outer tube, leaving a space between the two tubes. One of the two components of the mass to be filled is poured into this space. The other component is inserted into the inner tube. During the filling process, the two components are simultaneously pressed out of the tube through the gap and fed into the container. This method is particularly suitable for pasty and viscous products such as toothpaste, creams, ointments, gel products, chocolate and caramel sauces, mayonnaise and mustard, but also epoxy resins or adhesives, where exact dosing and mixing of the components is of great importance.

Drum and big bag alternative

Use of adhesive bonding cartridges

Our systems also work in particular with so-called adhesive bonding cartridges, whose two chambers each contain an adhesive component, e.g. epoxy resin and hardener. The two components are mixed through a special nozzle and can then be applied to the material to be bonded. The use of glue gun cartridges enables fast and precise dosing of the adhesive components and is particularly widespread in industrial production.

Vermee packaging technology –

SMP booster system for higher dosing accuracy and lower material consumption

In order to achieve effective and economical filling, Frans Vermee GmbH offers the SMP booster system. This system enables higher dosing accuracy while reducing material consumption at the same time. Thanks to improved control of the dosing and the speed of the flow, smaller quantities can be dosed more accurately. This leads to lower material consumption and therefore lower costs for the user as well as a reduction in environmental pollution.

Vermee packaging technology –

Packaging of chemical-water mixtures

Mixtures of chemicals and water can present a challenge for packaging in two-component systems, as they often require compliance with special regulations to ensure safe handling and storage. It may be necessary to use special materials or coatings to avoid chemical reaction or contamination of the liquid. Precise dosing of the two components is also very important to achieve uniform filling. Frans Vermee GmbH meets the requirements of such sensitive products by using flat films and tubular bags, which are characterized by particularly high impermeability. Our systems and processes meet the legal requirements and therefore enable you to fill two-component products safely and in accordance with regulations.