Vermee Packaging Technology

Packaging of milk and cheese products

The CHUB packaging machine is a versatile solution for packaging milk and cheese products. It can be used to process almost all pumpable dairy products, including butter, quark, soft and smoked cheese. The packaging can be done in different sizes, from small portions of 50g to large packages of 5000g.


Butter packaging in many variations

Butter can be packaged in CHUB sticks or portionable slices. The packaging of different, special variants such as herb butter, onion butter or bell pepper butter is also possible with the help of a CHUB system.

Individual and traditional

Customizable curds packaging

With our CHUB systems, even the traditional Eastern European production and packaging of pourable soft curd cheese can be significantly simplified and accelerated. The otherwise completely manual, artisanal process can be optimally supplemented by the use of vertical flow-wrapping systems in many places to increase productivity.

For example, a CHUB system can fill the quark into predetermined portions. Instead of manually filling the quark into cloths or bags, the pre-measured portions of quark can be automatically filled into tubular bags. This facilitates precise dosing and saves time and labor. Automatic sealing can also be mapped using a chub system. This ensures that the quark remains fresh and is protected from external influences. The sealing ensures a longer shelf life and hygiene of the packaged quark. Automated operation means that larger quantities of quark can be packaged faster and more consistently, leading to an overall increase in efficiency.

When it comes to packaging curds and butter, heat-sealable polyethylene or PE/PA composite films have proven to be extremely suitable. These films offer excellent barrier properties and protect the quark from external influences such as oxygen and moisture to ensure a longer shelf life.

Our packaging systems also offer a wide range of options for individualizing the quark packaging. Whether different flavor variations or the combination of two components, we develop specific solutions.

One of these solutions was, for example, the filling of coextruded products (curd cheese with jam filling) in an existing CHUB system of our customer. This was implemented by supplying the necessary hopper with pump and filling pipe required for pipe-in-pipe filling. This system allows the jam filling to be precisely poured into the curd to ensure a high-quality product with even distribution of the filling.

The combination of modern packaging materials and innovative filling methods makes it possible to customize the curd cheese packaging to meet specific customer requirements. This allows manufacturers to differentiate their products and appeal to consumers with a variety of flavors and attractive packaging.

Also in large portions

Soft and smoked cheese packaging

In most cases, soft cheese is packaged in film, which must be characterized by high barrier and good shrink properties in order to guarantee the quality of the cheese. Handling a wide range of portion sizes from 50g to 5000g can also pose a challenge for filling and packaging systems. We support our customers in soft cheese filling both in equipping them with the optimum packaging system, adapted to the respective product requirements, and in converting to more sustainable packaging, for example by switching to the use of cellophane film.

In order to realize such a changeover, the sealing was individualized and the ChubMaker system was converted. In addition, a sustainable cellophane film was provided. This enabled the customer to offer more environmentally friendly packaging and at the same time make its production processes more sustainable.

In addition to optimizing the technical components, we support our customers from new product development through to market launch. One of our existing customers wanted to launch a new soft cheese on the Eastern European market. To make this possible, a complete production line had to be set up. This challenge was overcome by working with various manufacturers and suppliers from Germany, Belgium and France. Each partner contributed specific expertise and know-how to the construction of the production line. This enabled the customer to successfully position his new product, sterilized soft cheese, on the Eastern European market.

Technical details

CHUB packaging line design

The CHUB system is the heart of the efficient packaging line and works with a continuous product feed. This usually requires control via a pump, whereby straight-line filling is achieved without the need for pre-portioning. Additional options such as a dater, register or tear strip are easily possible.

Cost-benefit analysis

The right packaging solution for you?

If you have any doubts as to whether a CHUB packaging machine is worthwhile for your production, you can provide us with your product and production data. We will then provide you with a non-binding calculation showing the costs per pack, the possible savings in packaging material and the amortization period.