Packaging of bakery products

With Chub- and Clip machines from Vermee

Packaging of bakery products

Cookie dough: finished product, cut by the user, placed on the baking tray and baked.
Marzipan: both small portions of 100-250 g, but also 5000 g portions for delivery to bakeries and confectioners.
Marmalade: 25 g portions for breakfast service, but also up to 5000 g for delivery to bakeries and confectioners.

The packaging of bakery and pastry products is an important step in presenting these products in a fresh and appealing way. At Vermee Packaging Technology, we offer customized solutions for packaging bakery products with our Chub machines and clipping machines.

Our packaging systems enable the efficient packaging of different types of baked goods. Whether it is cookie dough that is cut by the user and baked on the baking tray, marzipan in small portions of 100-250 g or even larger portions of up to 5000 g for delivery to bakeries and confectioners, or jam in portions of 25 g for breakfast service or up to 5000 g for the wholesale trade – our packaging systems are versatile and meet the different requirements of the baked goods industry.

In most cases, heat-sealable polyethylene or PE/PA composite film is used for cookie dough as well as jam because of its high caliber fidelity. Heat-sealable aluminum foil is widely used for marzipan. Our packaging systems are specially designed to process these types of film precisely and ensure reliable sealing.

To ensure a smooth packaging process, a vacuum filler is usually used upstream of the packaging line, which transports the product continuously to the Chub machine. Pre-portioning is not necessary in most cases, as dosing on the Chub machine is based on volume.

Our Chub machines also offer additional options such as the use of a dater or registry and the application of a tear strip. These options can be seamlessly integrated into the Chub machine to further optimize the packaging process.

Rely on Vermee Packaging Technology’s years of experience and expertise in bakery packaging. Our packaging equipment, including our Chub machines and clipping machines, offer customized solutions to package your baked goods efficiently and attractively. Contact us today to find out more about our packaging machines and their wide range of applications. We look forward to providing you with innovative packaging solutions that meet your needs.

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