Adhesives / Hot Melt Products

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Adhesives / Hot Melt Products

As a leading manufacturer of packaging systems for pasty masses, Vermee Packaging Technology places great emphasis on innovative solutions for the packaging of hot melt adhesives, also known as hot melts. Our state-of-the-art equipment is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of these products.

Hot melts are solvent-free products that are more or less solid at room temperature and are applied to the intended bonding surface while hot. Hot melts are usually thermoplastic, i.e. they can be dissolved and melted again under heat and therefore have limited heat resistance.

They are supplied in a solid state (e.g. in conventional block form) and melted using melting equipment at temperatures between 130°C and 200°C and immediately bonded to the other adhesive partner. Strength is achieved very quickly, immediately after the adhesives have cooled and solidified.

The packaging of hot melt adhesives presents a particular challenge, as they have to be processed at extremely high temperatures. At Vermee Packaging Technology, we are aware of this challenge and have designed our packaging systems accordingly. Our continuous pouch filling systems enable hot melt adhesives to be filled safely and efficiently into film pouches.

The usual product weights produced on the bag filling system are between 250 and 1,000 g. Classic applications for hot melt adhesives can be found in the hygiene industry (e.g. diapers or sanitary towels), for envelopes or book covers, in the food industry (cardboard packaging and labeling of cans and jars) or in the automotive industry.

We have taken special precautions to cope with the high temperatures during the filling process. Instead of conventional silicone paper, we use a heat-resistant flat film that is sealed into a tube on the machine. This ensures that the packaging film does not melt prematurely. As a result, the adhesive is surrounded by a film after filling, which mixes with the product during the melting process. However, this has virtually no influence on processing or the adhesive properties, as this proportion is less than 0.6%. With this type of packaging, in which the products are filled without air or water, there is no need to use silicone paper and packaging waste is reduced to zero for the end user.

We have also implemented innovative cooling technologies to quickly cool the finished product packages down to a safe handling temperature. Our patented cooling baths ensure effective cooling to the desired core temperature.

After leaving the cooling bath, any residual moisture on the packs should be removed, e.g. using a blower. The individual packs can then be fed to the automatic final packaging (cartoning and/or palletizing).

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