Packaging of meat and sausage products

with Chub systems (ChubMaker) / Clipping machines

Almost all pumpable meat products (e.g. boiled and cooked sausage) can be processed with the Chub packaging system. In most cases, a film is used for cooked and boiled sausage products, which must be characterized above all by high barrier and good shrink properties.

Heat-sealable polyamide films or PE films can also be processed on the Chub.

Depending on the viscosity of the product to be processed, a vacuum filler or a mono pump is connected upstream of the system to continuously pump the product to the Chub machine. Only straight filling is required, without pre-portioning, as dosing takes place by volume on the Chub.

The products can then be thermally treated in an autoclave, for example. This allows shelf lives of up to 90 days to be achieved without cooling.

After thermal treatment and the cooling process, the product needs to be cleaned and – depending on the film used – re-shrunk at the same time. This should be done with water heated to approx. 96°C. Due to the very high and multiple shrinkability of the film, a smooth and visually appealing product is then achieved.

Further thermal treatments are possible by pasteurizing the product in water baths or steam ovens. Additional options such as the use of a dater or recorder or the application of a tear strip are readily available for the Chub machine.

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