Packaging of silicones and acrylates

With Chub systems from Vermee

Packaging of silicones / acrylates

Silicones and acrylates are versatile materials that we encounter in everyday life in various forms and applications. Whether as sealants, lubricants, additives in paints, varnishes, cosmetics or as non-stick and water-repellent coatings – these products are widely used. Would you like to package your product in cartridges with a caliber of 49 mm and a capacity of 300 or 600 ml? No problem with the Chub systems from Vermee Packaging Technology!

Our Chub systems have already proven themselves successfully in the manufacture of similar products. They enable efficient and reliable packaging of silicones and acrylics in cartridges. By using Chub equipment, you can ensure that your products are properly filled and sealed.

Our Chub systems are specifically designed to meet your requirements in the packaging process. They provide precise dosing and uniform filling of cartridges to ensure optimum product quality. In addition, our Chub equipment provides reliable sealing to keep the contents safe and secure.

Whether you use silicones or acrylics in the construction, automotive or other industries, you can package your products efficiently and professionally with our Chub equipment. We understand the importance of precision and offer you tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements.

You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the field of packaging technology for silicones and acrylates. We are happy to support you in packaging your products in cartridges with high quality and efficiency. Contact us today to find out more about our Chub systems and their possible applications.

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