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Efficient and cost-effective filling of PUR hotmelt is a major challenge for many companies, such as the complex product requirements, the cost pressure of efficient production and the previous uncertainty as to whether the product has reached the end customer without air contact. At Vermee, we understand our customers’ problems and offer innovative solutions to rethink “packaging” and the associated processes.


Efficient filling of reactive adhesives, resins and glues

Different systems and packaging materials can be used for the filling and packaging of reactive adhesives, resins and glues, e.g. PUR hotmelt. The choice depends primarily on factors such as the production volume, the specific requirements of the product and its final application. In the particular case of PUR hotmelt, the question arose as to whether the existing and complex packaging concepts of 2 kg containers, 1 kg containers or small cartridges (e.g. for Holzherr edging systems) in cylindrical filling form with a smooth surface finish could be filled more efficiently and cost-effectively in flat film.

Thanks to our innovative approaches and technologies with vertical filling and automated cooling concepts, our flexibility and broad expert network of qualified partners, we are able to respond to such customer inquiries with a wide range of requirements. We can often use existing technologies as a basis and offer a tailor-made solution by means of individualized adaptations.

Complex requirements

Avoidance of air contact and thread formation during filling

Conventional production and packaging processes for PUR hotmelt adhesives are often based on long production times, expensive prefabricated packaging materials such as hobbocks and sealed film bags, extensive work steps with high labor costs and inefficient day-to-day production. In addition, the end customer often only discovers that the product has been incorrectly filled or produced when it is melted (reacted product residues are deposited in the melting equipment). This is primarily due to the complex product requirements and the high sensitivity of PUR hotmelt. The desired bonding of the adhesive molecules with moisture leads to unique adhesive properties in the application. However, this requires that no contact with moisture, air-free filling and the avoidance of “angel hair” of the product are fulfilled in the production process. All this at filling temperatures of between 80 and 190°C). In addition, the product must be cooled in a special way if it is not cooled at room temperature for approx. 24-48 hours in large storage areas. Several of our customers have approached us with precisely these challenges due to a market change (expiry of a patent of a market competitor).

Whether filling or production

Optimization of the overall process

One of our customers approached us with a specific requirement specification to replicate their existing production process for 2kg units in candle form and to optimize the filling process, e.g. reduction of work steps, avoidance of stringing, etc.. Although the primary objective was to optimize the filling process, we did not look at it in isolation, but rather as part of the overall process and critically examined it in order to exploit the greatest possible optimization potential for our customer. Due to our many years of experience in hotmelt filling, there was no question for us that simply implementing the specifications would not bring maximum efficiency and productivity for our customer.

Individualized packaging technology

Optimal filling processes for reactive adhesives

Based on the specific product requirements, Vermee Packaging Technology translated these into a basic concept with initial individualized technological components. These approaches were implemented and optimized as part of pragmatic filling tests. In close cooperation with our team of experts and the customer, we optimized the concept, tested it further and finally adapted it to the individual product and production requirements.

The result of this collaborative partnership is an optimized, efficient and packaging-reduced production concept. It enables flexible and string-free filling of PUR hotmelt, packaged in cost-effective flat film in various units with at least double the output compared to conventional processes. In addition, there are low personnel costs due to the high degree of automation and, if required, an automated cooling unit. The automated process sequence has also greatly reduced the error rate for the end customer.

We at Vermee Verpackungstechnologie are proud that we have not only simplified the packaging process for our customers but have also been able to make a contribution to the entire industry for filling PUR hot melt adhesives thanks to the various customizations.

Innovation – alternative to granules

New packaging form for post-dosing PUR hot melt adhesives

As part of the filament-free filling logic of PUR hotmelt, a further filling form, the “PUR hotmelt pouch”, has been developed. These are small units, e.g. 50g, 100g, 200g, 400g, etc., which can be filled either individually or as a “PUR-HM garland” in 10x 50g units. The packaging form of the PUR-Hotmelt Pouch is a strong alternative to the previous PUR-HM granules, which are produced in cans for single use. With the PUR-Hotmelt Pouch, the end user can easily make additional doses without creating unnecessary residual product and waste. The advantage of this filling form is the air-free and very efficient filling using very little packaging material. With the PUR hotmelt pouch, the product is simply packaged in cost-effective flat film in an automated process. At the same time, the products are cooled quickly so that production can take place in a space-saving area.

Hotmelt pouches

For the sake of the environment

Another effect of using hotmelt pouches that should not be underestimated is the significantly lower amount of waste compared to conventional packaging materials such as hobbocks, hard-shell cartons, cans or cartridges. This has a positive effect on the environmental balance and the reduction of your company’s CO2 footprint.

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